LEA Academic and Student Well-Being Plan Data

Each public school district, tribal compact school, and charter school in Washington state was required by the state Legislature and by Congress to create and submit an Academic and Student Well-being Recovery Plan by June 1, 2021. The goal of the plan is to identify which students and student groups need additional academic and well-being supports, define how those supports will be provided, and plan for recovery and acceleration of student learning and well-being over the summer, into the fall, and beyond.

Please see the Academic & Student Well-being Recovery Plan Planning Guide for complete information on the June 1, 2021 plans. The major components of the plan submitted to OSPI are as follows:

LEA Strategies for Support/Mentoring Dashboard

The following data are self-reported to OSPI by each public school district, state-tribal education compact school, and charter school and provide insight to areas in which LEAs are indicating expertise and additional needs.