Renewal of a Career and Technical Educator (CTE) Continuing Certificate

To renew a CTE Continuing Certificate, you must meet the training and experience requirements listed below.

Beginning July 1, 2023, House Bill 1426 issued new certificate renewal requirements, in addition to current renewal requirements, for all teachers, CTE teachers, and for all administrator and CTE director certificates. New requirements are italicized below.


  • 15 Equity-based school practices aligned with CCDEI standards clock hours, valid National Boards certificate or equivalent college credits, or at least one goal of an annual PGP from one of the legislature-approved providers.
  • 15 STEM clock hours
  • PLUS, one of the following
    • Must complete ten quarter hours or one hundred 100 clock hours of CTE teacher training in the subject matter certified to teach since the previous issuance of CTE Continuing certificate.
    • A valid National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Certificate
    • May complete four(4) annual Professional Growth Plans (PGP). Beginning July 1, 2018, PGPs will equal 25 clock hours per PGPs.

Clock Hour Note: Educators cannot use the same clock hours to satisfy multiple clock hour-specific requirements (STEM, Equity, Leadership, etc.). Clock hour courses related to CTE teaching: This would include courses such as classroom management, formative assessment, differentiated instruction, and culturally-responsive teaching strategies. For more information, please contact the Professional Educator Standards Board.

Example: An educator who completes clock hours in a culturally responsive STEM course offered by a legislatively designated CCDEI provider earns 15 total clock hours. The professional learning meets the STEM and Equity standards but must be split between content-specific requirements. The educator could count ten (10) hours toward meeting the STEM certificate renewal requirement and five (5) hours towards meeting the Equity renewal requirement. This educator would need to complete additional content-specific clock hours to fully meet their certificate renewal requirements.

Certificate Renewal Information

STEM NOTE: All Continuing Certificate renewal applicants submitting after 9/1/2019 must complete the STEM requirements as part of their renewal clock hours. RCW 28A.410.2212

NOTE: If you hold or have held a Continuing CTE Teaching Certificate, you qualify for the general education lifetime substitute certificate. Apply online through the E-Certification system.


If you have all necessary documentation to apply for this certificate, login to: E-Certification

*IMPORTANT: Please note that application fees are NOT refundable. Ensure that you select and submit the correct application. If you have questions regarding your application, please contact our office.