Small District Energy Assessment Grant

Contact Information

Morgan Powell
High Performance Schools Coordinator

This grant will pay for an ASHRAE Level 2 audit from a certified energy auditor to help prepare school districts for Clean Building Performance Standards requirements. The audit must include all recognized instructional buildings in the district. An ASHRAE Level 2 audit includes the following:

  • Benchmarking in Energy Star Portfolio Manager to determine the buildings current Energy Use Intensity (EUI). Benchmarking only includes recognized sites.
  • Identification and prioritization of energy efficiency projects for Clean Buildings Performance Standard compliance.
  • A budget for identified energy projects.

OSPI expects to have funding available for any school district under 1,000 students that requests an ASHRAE Level 2 audit. However, if the amount of grant funds requested exceeds the $5 million, OSPI will prioritize grant funds by high free and reduced-price lunch eligibility and by buildings with larger square footage. This grant is available in iGrants Form Package 286.