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OSPI-Developed Educational Technology Assessments

Contact Information

Teachers will use these assessments to determine student progress toward Washington's standards for educational technology. Designed for the elementary, middle, and high school grades, they integrate science, math, health, English language arts, social studies, and the arts. K-2 teachers can take advantage of a simplified checklist. Classroom activities are well guided, easy to use, and come equipped with a comprehensive inventory of free and low-cost digital resources.

2022-23 Assessment Verification

The 2022-23 assessment surveys for RCW 28A.230.095 and RCW 28A.655.075 are open online for districts to begin entering information for this school year and must be submitted no later than June 30, 2023. Reporting materials have been streamlined into one survey to ease the reporting process for districts.

Collect & Report Data

  1. Collect responses for each question before starting the survey online using the Verification Report Template for 2022-2023 SY.
  2. Once all information is collected, designate one district representative to complete OSPI's 2022–23 Instruction Assessment Reporting survey.
  3. A confirmation of submission will be sent to the district representative who completes each survey.
  4. All instruction and assessment reporting for the 2022–23 school year must be submitted by June 30.

EdTech Assessment

Teachers can take advantage of these well-guided assessments for educational technology, which integrate science, math, health, English language arts, social studies and the arts.

EdTech Assessments are available for download by grade level. 

Grades K-2

Public Health
Explore the cause-and-effect factors that will keep you and the people around you healthy.

Grades 1-2

Weather Patterns & Predictions
Collect and analyze weather data to create a forecast for your area.

Grades 4-5

Speed Racer
Investigate factors that affect speed and apply technology to solve a problem in a racing competition.

Grades 6-8

Cooking Up a Mystery
Use evidence from the lab and the Internet to identify a criminal suspect in a cooking contest and make safety improvements.

Grades K-2

Public Health
Explore the cause-and-effect factors that will keep you and the people around you healthy.

Grades 3-6

Speak Up!
Be an advocate for an identified problem at your school

Grades 6-8

Speak Up!
Advocate for community change: English Language Arts as digital storytelling

Grades 9-12

Speak Up!
Advocate for global change: English Language Arts as digital storytelling

Optional Reporting Templates

Teacher Workbooks

Use these simply designed, easy-to-navigate Excel workbooks to track student progress and performance on the integrated assessments for educational technology.

Teacher Worksheets

We provide these worksheets for optional use. However, teachers might find the forms easy for data collection. When complete, forms should go to the school or district contact who will submit them to OSPI's iGrants reporting system.

State law requires district-level information only, so the form asks a teacher to fill in the number of students who participated in a specific OSPI-Developed assessment for educational technology or describe the type of assessment he/she used instead.