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Student Transportation provides essential services to support the safe and efficient transportation of Washington state students. The office is authorized by the Legislature, WAC 392-144, to adopt the rules governing the training and qualifications of school bus drivers. In addition, the office oversees the allocation of operations funding and the school bus depreciation and replacement systems, and manages the state bidding process for school buses. Student Transportation also works closely with the Washington State Patrol on the school bus inspection program to ensure safe school buses.

Student Transportation Allocation Reporting System (STARS)

This system is designed to provide adequate funding to all school districts statewide for the operation of their student transportation programs.

Instructor Training Programs

Washington State school bus driver instructors are required to complete a yearly inservice training class in order to maintain their authorization.

CWU Training Program

This program provides training for individuals who manage or assist in managing student transportation systems in Washington. A multiple year program consisting of one week each summer for three years, at the CWU campus in Ellensburg. The program is provided cooperatively by OSPI and the Washington Association for Pupil Transportation.

Publications, Bulletins, and Other Resources

Download the School Bus Driver Handbook, the School Bus Specification Manual, the annual Student Transportation Directory, and more.


Download school bus driver forms, annual transportation report forms, and school bus forms.


Funding for each school district's student transportation operations allocation is reflected in the 1026A report, available for download here.

State Quote Specifications

The state quote specifications chart shows the bidding process for school buses.