Reopening Washington Schools 2020-21 Workgroup

Fall Reopening Guidance

Reopening Washington Schools 2020 Workgroup

In May 2020, OSPI convened a workgroup to inform recommendations and guidance for school districts as they plan for the reopening of Washington's schools in fall 2020 after school was closed from providing in-person instruction from March–June 2020 due to COVID-19. The broad workgroup consisted of more than 120 educators, education leaders, elected officials, community-based organizations, parents, students, and community members.

Smaller workgroups will be meeting in June and July of 2020 to provide school districts with guidance and recommendations on serving certain student groups in the fall, including students with disabilities, students in career and technical education courses, and our youngest learners. There are also groups meeting to provide guidance on parent and family engagement, as well as higher education transitions.

List of Members & Workgroup Materials
June 2 Meeting
May 13 Meeting

Operational Small Groups

As part of the work to provide operational guidance for the reopening of Washington's schools in fall 2020, the Reopening Washington Schools 2020 Workgroup was split into several small groups, with additional members with content area expertise. These groups and their members are included below.

Programmatic Small Groups

Special Education Workgroup
Early Learning Transitions Workgroup

Other Resources For School Districts