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National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs)

Beginning with the upcoming school year, we will be spotlighting NBCTs through a Medium account and social media campaign.

The intent of the NBCT Spotlight is to strengthen our National Board community, share the stories of what accomplished teachers are doing every day both in and out of the classroom, and emphasize the impact and importance of the National Board process to the greater Washington education community. We are seeking nominations (self nominations are allowed and encouraged) of NBCTs to spotlight. The nomination form is short and should include a short bio (200 words or less) of why we should highlight the great work within his/her classroom, building, and/or district. So think of those great NBCTs, their impact on student learning, their teacher leadership roles, and the voice they have to share and nominate them now. Nominations are accepted from throughout local communities including supervisors, colleagues, parents, and students so help spread the word!


National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential. It complements, but does not replace, a state’s teacher license. From the 2017 cycle and on, National Board Certificates are valid for 5 years, and educators must begin the Maintenance of Certification process during their third and fourth years as NBCTs to extend the certificate's life for an additional 5 years. The 2020 cycle will be the last year for NBCTs (expiring in 2021) to renew their National Board Certificate for 10 years.

To seek National Board Certification you must meet the following requirements prior to applying:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree
  • Have completed three full years of K-12 teaching/counseling experience
  • Possess a valid state teaching/counseling license

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NB Matters video

This video, featuring Washington State NBCTs, highlights the direct impact the National Board process has had on their students and professional career

National Board Matters from WA TPEP on Vimeo.