WaKIDS Resources

Contact Information

The following WaKIDS related resources are for teachers, administrators, support staff, district assessment coordinators, and families. If you need assistance locating resources, please email WaKIDS. If you have implementation questions or would like to learn more about regional professional development, please reach out to your ESD WaKIDS Coordinator.

For Administrators

Administrators, including principals, vice principals, coaches, and counselors, are encouraged to attend an optional WaKIDS training. Please visit the WaKIDS Training page for more information.

    District Assessment Coordinators (DAC)

    District Assessment Coordinators play a vital role in the Whole-child Assessment. DACs are responsible for uploading children into the MyTeachingStrategies® platform. For a copy of the WaKIDS Whole-child Assessment Quick Start Guide for District Assessment Coordinators, please email your ESD Coordinator.

    DAC Frequently Asked Questions

    For more information about the WaKIDS, review the complete list of WaKIDS Frequently Asked Questions.

    I do not see children in my class roster in MyTeachingStrategies®.

    If you do not see children in your MyTeachingStrategies® class, this means that children have not been added to your account. This will impact both your MyTeachingStrategies® and GOLD® Documentation app. Please reach out to your building administrator and/or District Assessment Coordinator to import your roster into the system.

    Who adds children to MyTeachingStrategies®?

    This is the responsibility of your District Assessment Coordinator (DAC). Teachers SHOULD NOT create their own classroom or add children to their classrooms in MyTeachingStrategies®. If you have questions, please contact your DAC.

    I have children from Transitional Kindergarten, ECEAP and/or Head Start in my classroom, can I access their previous data?

    Yes, children entering kindergarten from a Head Start or Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) classroom will have prior GOLD® checkpoint information. Learn how to view this information by reading this MyTeachingStrategies® Support Portal article. For additional support, please email WaKIDS.

    For Families

    The following resources are intended to provide information about entering kindergarten. The only requirement for entry to kindergarten in Washington state is to be five years old by August 31st. Even though kindergarten is still optional in Washington, it is the first opportunity that all families have to participate in public education. Age-eligibility, rather than development or ability, is what helps to assure equity of access to public schools.