Frequently Asked Questions

What score does my student need on the WA-AIM to meet the CIA requirement?

Students must attain the minimum Graduation Cut-Scores for the following contents in order to fulfill the CIA graduation requirement:

ELA: 104
Math: 103
Science: 104

The least complex access point is still too difficult for my student. What do I do?
The most complex access point is too easy for my student. What do I do?
How do I know if my student passed the WA-AIM? What is the criteria for proficiency?
How do I Opt Out a student from the WA-AIM?

The Washington Educational Research Association (WERA) has available a white paper pertaining to procedures for managing parent refusals. This is a wonderful resource and is available at the following page WERA Publications (Refusal Guidelines).

Does the teacher pick the standards/Access Points to assess the student on?
Will a student's score be compromised if there is not exactly six weeks between the baseline and final?
When using the Engagement Rubric to assess a student, do we need to assess the five standards in math, ELA and Science?

The academic activity does not need to be aligned to any standard, just the content area.

Guidance for use of the Engagement Rubric can be found in Appendix B of the WA-AIM Test Administration Manual.

Medically Fragile Students: I have a student who is out most of the school year due to medical reasons that do not allow us time to instruct and gather assessment data on the student's progress. What do we do?

Medical Emergency Exemption forms should be completed by the District Coordinator prior to testing, unless the medical emergency occurs within the testing window.

How is growth measured on the WA-AIM?