CTE Skills Centers

Skills centers are an integral part of an overall expansion of CTE programming in Washington. Skills centers are regional secondary schools that serve high school students from multiple school districts. They provide instruction in preparatory programs that are either too expensive or too specialized for school districts to operate individually. Currently, there are 14 skills centers in Washington state. Many more will be emerging in the near future.

Skills Centers

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Branch Campuses

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The New Skills Center Campus form is designed to guide designated host districts through each phase of obtaining approval for a new skill center core, branch, or satellite campus.

In order to have a new skills center core or branch campus approved by the OSPI, a feasibility study and an interdistrict cooperative agreement must be completed. New satellite programs have separate requirements (see WAC 392-600-080).

New Skills Center Campus Request Form (updated April 2024)

In 2008, eight skills centers and 85 school districts participated in feasibility studies for satellite/branch campuses across the state in accordance with Second Substitute Senate Bill 5790 (2008). Skills centers will reach into rural and remote districts, as well as high-density, urban districts with the same quality services as are offered at current regional skill centers.

RCW 28A.245.030 required the OSPI to revise guidelines for skills centers in cooperation with the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board, skills center directors, and the Washington Association for Career and Technical Education. The adopted Skills Center Rules were subject to a public hearing on Tuesday, December 01, 2009, 10:00 AM-11:00 AM, in the Wanamaker Conference Room at OSPI. The rules were adopted and were made effective on February 22, 2010.

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For more information about skill centers, visit the Washington Skills Center website.