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School libraries have the potential to be at the core of school life. A space in which teachers and students connect information across platforms, mediums and channels — physical and virtual. In many school libraries, students launch inquiries on powerful devices, comb through comprehensive print and periodical stacks, edit videos, compose music, print in 3D and publish content on and offline.

Teacher Preparation Programs & Endorsements

More than a Librarian — Guide for a Vast & Complex Information Space
The role of a teacher-librarian is critical as school libraries evolve and standards for information literacy make their way into K-12 curricula. Teacher-librarians are trained to:

  • Lead students through the complexities of a globalized, shifting information space where ethical use, highly developed evaluation skills, and the ability to create, share and synthesize information are vital to career and college readiness.
  • Inspire a lifelong love of reading.
  • Add an imaginative, outward-facing dimension to teaching teams.