Substance Use Prevention & Intervention Best Practices & Resources

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Dixie Grunenfelder
K12 System Supports Director

Not all prevention strategies are created equally. Many of the most common strategies being used by well-meaning parents, schools, and communities have been shown by careful research to be ineffective. Some have even caused harm by unintentionally reinforcing pro-use attitudes, behaviors, or norms. Get the right tools and strategies by exploring what works and what doesn't.

Students Who Smoke or Vape

With the growing awareness of opioids and other drugs, students using tobacco and vaping devices are sometimes seen as the "least of worries". The following resources focus on understanding what vaping is, the appeal for youth, and what research says about both the risks and unknowns of using.


  • Importance of Substance Use Prevention for Team Sports
    Special Guest Dr. Jason Kilmer joins us to talk about his research around team sports and substance use. Learn more about what you can do to promote a culture of safety on and off the field. This webinar is part of the GATE Equity Series, hosted by OSPI.
  • Students Who Smoke or Vape | Handout
    When looking at student substance use policy violations, do school staff overlook tobacco and vaping use as the “least of their worries”? During this webinar, data will be shared that may motivate school staff to relook at their students who use nicotine products and consider alternative policies and practices in addressing use.
  • Leveraging Community To Build a Support System
    Monroe School District's Joe Neigel and Erin Wood share what they've done to build community partnerships using a coordinated approach. Their work bridges substance-use prevention and intervention services to schools and helps students get support. Find out how they've coordinated their approach and are leading with evidence-based principles. This webinar is part of the GATE Equity series hosted by OSPI.

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