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Washington state regulations related to school construction and maintenance.

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Alternative Public Works

The 2007 legislature approved RCW 39.10 relating to public works. It significantly changed the availability to utilize alternative public works procedures for all public entities, including school districts, and changed the way these procedures are to be implemented.

All school districts who are allowed to proceed using the alternative public works procedures are advised to carefully review SHB 1506, and should work closely with their OSPI Regional Coordinator.

Application Process

A school district must have approval before proceeding with the use of an alternative public works method. The Capital Projects Advisory Review Board (CPARB) is responsible for oversight of alternative public works.

The Project Review Committee of CPARB reviews and approves public works projects using the design-build and GC/CM contracting procedures authorized in RCW 39.10.300 and 39.10.340 and will certify public bodies.

The following is a description of the three ways a district can have approval.

The Project Review Committee will:

  • Certify, or recertify, public bodies for a period of three years to use the design-build or general contractor/construction manager for projects with a total project cost of $10 million or more.
  • Review and approve the use of the design-build or general contractor/construction manager contracting procedures on a project-by-project basis for public bodies that are not certified under section 270 of this act.
  • Review and approve the use of the general contractor/construction manager contracting procedure by certified public bodies for projects with a total project cost under $10 million.

School districts may apply through the CPARB website. The Application for Project Approval is found here under Project Review Committee - Project Approval Forms.

State Assistance Funding Procedures

All school districts seeking state assistance for projects using alternative public works must follow the D-Form procedures. D-Form procedures are modified for projects utilizing GC/CM.

At Form D-5, school districts must demonstrate certification approval for utilizing GC/CM (by the Project Review Committee).

OSPI preliminary approval is necessary for all GC/CM projects and for all design-build projects.