System and School Improvement

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If you have any questions about the Office of System and School Improvement, Continuous Improvement, tiered supports, or the Whole Child Initiative, please contact the OSSI inbox.

System and School Improvement provides tiered supports for schools identified through state and federal accountability processes. The goal of System and School Improvement is to provide technical assistance, resources, and support, in collaboration with internal and external partners.

Schools are identified for their tiered supports as outlined below using the Washington School Improvement Framework (WSIF):

WSIF Cycle 3 Tiered Support

Tiered Supports Information

Continuous School Improvement Resources

Further information and guidance on tiered supports, including School Improvement Plans, progress monitoring, grant management, and data implementation, can be found on the Continuous School Improvement Resources web page.

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

The ESSA cycle is a three-year cycle in which schools throughout Washington state are identified for supports based on student performance and school quality, using Washington State Improvement Framework (WSIF) measures. School improvement data information can be found on the Washington State Board of Education website.

Whole Child Initiative

For every student to realize their full potential, OSPI's Whole Child Initiative ensures students feel safe, healthy, engaged, supported, and challenged. This page also links to resources to help school teams with Family & Community Engagement and the Powerless to Powerful (P2P) leadership framework.