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Open Doors Youth Reengagement is a system that provides education and services to older youth, ages 16-21, who have dropped out of school or are not expected to graduate from high school by the age of 21. The Getting Started Toolkit is a collection of instructions, templates, and documents needed to either:

  1. Start an Open Doors program, or
  2. Update or expand an existing program, including adding new pathways and/or partners.

It takes approximately 1-3 months to be approved for an Open Doors 1418 Youth Reengagement program. Please thoroughly review the application prep information, steps to apply, and approval process below.

Application Prep

1. Read the Planning & Application Guidance

2. Review the Open Doors Theory of Action

3. Get inspired! Read through the Program Profiles:

4. Determine the Open Doors Pathway(s) your program will offer to students

5. Determine if your location will apply for an R-type School Code

6. Open the next expandable menu, “Application Materials” and download and/or complete each of the required documents (A-E)

Application Materials

Download and/or complete each of the required documents (A-E, below)

A. Letter of Intent: An agreement between the district and OSPI stating the district agrees to the WAC requirements.
B. Scope of Work: An agreement that states the program partners and lead agency agree to the WAC. This is required among partners working together to implement the Open Doors 1418 program. Please note: districts without partners may skip this document.

C. Program Narrative: Describes in detail the program/pathways, the curriculums offered (e.g. vocational, contracted services such as online curriculum providers, etc.), case management supports, and other required elements. The Program Narrative should be in alignment with the Program Flow Chart that you create for your program.

D. Program Flow Chart: Provides a visual, step-by-step representation and the sequence of operations related to student entry, decision points, options, and experience. Flow Charts generally include the youth referral process, orientation, assessment for placement, and available student pathways or options. See this example of a flow chart, no template is provided.
E. Program Calendar: Identifies the number of program hours available from September 1st through August 31st. No template is provided by OSPI.
F. Contracted Service Agreements: Required for some instances where program components related to the WAC are being contracted by another agency or provider that may not qualify into a partnership agreement. No template is provided by OSPI.

Note on Technical Colleges: In rare cases, a technical college can directly apply to operate an Open Doors 1418 program. In that event, the direct-funded college must complete a Letter of Intent. Contact the program for more information.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the necessary planning, required templates, and documents from above.

  2. Obtain signatures for Letter of Intent (districts) and Scope(s) of Work (partners).

  3. Submit the signed and completed documents to OSPI using the Open Doors Application form.

Submission tips: The district or college that is directly operating the program should be the entity to submit the application materials. Alternatively, if it is a partnership or consortium, the lead partner in a partnership or consortium may submit. A district contact should always be included.

Approval Process

  1. Once the online form is submitted, OSPI will review the application materials. The review process may take between 1-3 months.

  2. OSPI may request revisions to the approval documentation to align with the intent of WAC 392-700.

  3. Once OSPI has approved the program, the submitter will receive an email that the program is approved. This email contains instructions and action steps required to officially launch the Open Doors 1418 Youth Reengagement program.

  4. The program may begin reporting enrollment following the date provided at approval.

Expanding or Adding to an Open Doors Program

Districts may add pathways and partnerships. This requires prior approval by OSPI. Each pathway is issued a unique qualification code. To launch a new pathway, a new qualification code is required. Launching a new pathway requires following the application process and submitting it through the online form.