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The Information and Condition of Schools (ICOS) is a web-based site and facilities inventory tracking system where information and building condition details about each school district are stored. ICOS meets the increasing demand for accurate school facility information and building condition data that supports statewide programs such as the School Construction Assistance Program (SCAP), District facility management, and school facility information requests or policy decisions. This information is also used to support the performance-based Asset Preservation Program which gauges how well the facilities, buildings, and sites are maintained.

ICOS benefits the Districts by providing functionality for inventory tracking, condition rating, record keeping, and comparative and report analysis. It is a useful, no-cost tool to help districts identify future capital needs.


School district access may be granted through the district's IT security by setting up an EDS account. The school district must determine who will have access. Consultants must gain access through the school district.

New Electronic D-Form Process

(Effective September 1, 2021)

The new electronic D-Form process is now available in ICOS. All D-Form applications will be submitted electronically using the district-level Grants tab within ICOS. Please contact your school district's Regional Coordinator for assistance.