World Language Competency Based Credits

Contact Information

Veronica Trapani-Huebner

Associate Director of Content, World Languages

World Language Competency-based Credits (WLCbC) are when students earn high school graduation credits for their language skills by showing proficiency on an accepted test.

Identifying Eligible Students

Who is able to earn World Language Competency-based Credits?

All students are allowed to earn WLCbC.

What languages are eligible for WLCbC?

All languages are allowed to earn WLCbC.

What Graduation Pathway should a student choose to earn credits?

All pathways allow a student to earn WLCbC.

Language Proficiency

Language proficiency means a person’s ability to use language for real-world reasons naturally for many topics and reasons. Proficiency is a range and language users can build proficiency across different skills at different speeds. For students in K-12 grades, our goal is to develop a system that supports any bilingual student to receive world language credits by demonstrating language proficiency.

Competency Testing & Awarding of Credit

For Districts

For Students