Disciplinary Action Notices

Notification of denial, surrender, suspension, or revocation of certificates (January 2000-Current Date).

Per WAC 181-86-185, "The superintendent of public instruction shall notify all other states whenever an applicant has been denied a certificate for failure to possess good moral character or personal fitness or whenever a certificate has been suspended, surrendered, or revoked and shall provide the full name and certificate number, if applicable, to the agency responsible for certification in each state. The superintendent of public instruction shall notify appropriate public or private school officials within the state the name and certification number of all certificate holders whose certificates have been suspended, surrendered, or revoked."

For more information email Investigations, or call 360-725-6130


Pursuant to the Washington State Public Records Act (RCW 42.56), OSPI has redacted exempt information in these documents. The most common redactions include the following: state employee personal information, including: home address, phone numbers, social security numbers; student personal information, including: home address, phone numbers, social security numbers, parent names.

If you require a complete redaction log, please contact the Public Disclosure Office.

Name Certificate Number Action Taken Date of Action
(Roe) White, Mary 421925R Reinstatement 4/16/2008
(Roe) White, Mary 421925R Suspension 2/20/2007
(Wilson) Loop, Stacy Marie 362004D Suspension 7/26/2006
(Wilson) Loop, Stacy Marie 362004D Reinstatement 4/16/2009
Abbey, Brian 501988J Voluntary Surrender 8/31/2016
Abrahams, Neil 365180R Revocation 12/18/2008
Acob, Noly 369924F Final Order of Suspension 5/17/2013
Acuff, Sharon M 199459R Suspension 8/23/2004
Alegado, Gideon-Mer 405959H Voluntary Surrender 9/13/2022
Alexander, Bryan N. 353584F Permanent Revocation 11/8/2012
Alldis, Troy 280515H Voluntary Surrender 5/17/2004
Allen, Jannine 497579C Revocation 5/19/2015
Allen, Chad Michael 312521H Voluntary Surrender 3/24/2000
Allen, Michael 451449C Voluntary Surrender 3/17/2014
Allison, Douglas 466717F Permanent Revocation 11/21/2016
Alstad, Michael 240835R Voluntary Surrender 3/2/2006
Altheide, Jerome B. 122365J Permanent Revocation 7/24/2012
Altman, Ken 335630J Voluntary Surrender 3/19/2002
Altmeyer, Steven 228980R Suspension 3/5/2008
Alvarado, Amanda 520967A Voluntary Surrender 8/4/2021
Alvarado, Leticia 450672A Denial of Application 1/9/2023
Ammons, Ernest 414051C Revocation 10/9/2013
Anderson, Thor 390149C Voluntary Surrender 7/8/2009
Anderson, Barbara 457846D Permanent Revocation 12/16/2011
Anderson, David 165811A Revocation 1/13/2003
Andrews, Donald R 268650R Revocation 10/20/2000
Anter, Sean 359202R Denial of Application 5/1/2023
Aplass, Wendy 232349A Reinstatement 4/13/2005
Aplass, Wendy 232349A Stayed Suspension 1/30/2003
Argetes, Harry 189317A Suspension 10/28/2002
Argetes, Harry 189317A Reinstatement 1/16/2008
Arnold, Ashlyn 518443G Suspension 9/6/2019
Asplund, Ronald W. 239238R Permanent Revocation 11/1/2012
Aukland, Michael 421023C Suspension 9/4/2013
Baker, Larry 094013J Suspension 9/15/2001
Baker, Larry 094013J Reinstatement 11/14/2001
Baker, David 310302E Revocation 1/27/2007
Bale, James 107359B Permanent Revocation 7/11/2007
Ball, John 129041J Revocation 12/17/2007
Ballard, Tim 412166A Denial of Application 2/3/2023
Ballou, Richard 345338H Suspension 7/9/2008
Barager, Paul 315462B Voluntary Surrender 2/27/2023
Barany, Matthew 389934A Suspension 12/18/2008
Barany, Matthew 389934A Reinstatement 11/16/2012
Barcenas, Jesus 405077R Permanent Revocation 4/8/2010
Barcot, Michael 355006H Voluntary Surrender 9/18/2023
Barnett, Michael 353053B Voluntary Surrender 9/14/2010
Barnett, Michael 353053B Reinstatement 11/3/2014
Barrett, Chad F. 411135G Suspension 7/2/2015
Barry, David 179958D Voluntary Surrender 5/26/2017
Bassett, Benjamin 541769F Voluntary Surrender 5/24/2023
Batchelder, Elizabeth 407307H Voluntary Surrender 10/24/2005
Bauer, Ronald 318405H Voluntary Surrender 10/21/2003
Bayne, John 144259R Suspension 7/31/2003
Beauchamp, Ronald T 321881E Suspension 10/30/2013
Beck, Christi 342520D Reinstatement 8/5/2016
Beck, Christi 342520D Voluntary Surrender 12/3/2015
Becker, Edward L 131570D Suspension 11/10/2004
Becker, Edward 131570D Reinstatement 1/10/2005
Bednar, Jeanne M. 307484F Agreed Order of Suspension 9/16/2002
Beeson, Lance Denial of Application 7/9/2023
Beeson, Lance 464363A Denial 11/1/2016
Bell, Charles 313314G Reinstatement 3/14/2006
Bell, Charles 313314G Suspension 11/14/2005
Bellamy, David 417146H Voluntary Surrender 1/15/2010
Belser, Patrick 409709C Permanent Revocation 2/23/2018
Bender, Todd 324567G Permanent Revocation 8/10/2016
Bendixen, Kelly 359932A Permanent Revocation 11/1/2019
Benedict, Leslie (Bruce) 269611J Suspension 6/7/2009
Benedict, Tyler James 418018H Permanent Revocation 2/23/2011
Bennett, Brian David 412711D Revocation 3/6/2015
Bennett, James 537997R Voluntary Surrender 3/23/2020
Bensadon, Mark Denial of Application 6/18/2012
Benson, Anthony 242155J Reinstatement 6/22/2016
Benson, Christopher 360387E Voluntary Surrender 5/12/2010
Benson, Anthony 242155J Suspension 12/9/2015
Benson, Anthony 242155J Reinstatement 12/6/2003
Benson, Anthony 242155J Suspension 11/16/2001
Beresford, Robert 336789C Permanent Revocation 11/23/2005
Bernstein, Theodore A 409495R Permanent Revocation 10/9/2013
Bethea, Kirsten 459309A Voluntary Surrender 11/12/2019
Bilal, Carolyn 261734H Revocation 6/28/2010
Bilal, Carolyn 261734H Denial of Application 4/9/2015
Bill, Denise 272791E Suspension 10/6/2008
Billmaier, Harvey 286192J Revocation 3/3/2008
Bishop, Frederick 212205R Permanent Revocation 8/2/2023
Blanning, Aaron 519560G Voluntary Surrender 5/31/2019
Bledsoe, Donald 157313H Voluntary Surrender 8/2/2000
Bloomstrom, Betty 393699D Revocation 1/11/2010
Blount, Jeffery 408669J Voluntary Surrender 5/10/2021
Boggs, Douglas 343593J Suspension 11/29/2007
Bohn, Amy 286838H Voluntary Surrender 8/17/2007
Bolen, Leonard 364773B Voluntary Surrender 12/12/2001
Boncz, Patricia 417456A Suspension 2/16/2011
Bond, Dennis G 131571B Voluntary Surrender 7/1/2004
Bone, William 239225F Revocation 6/22/2005
Booth, Eileen 485673H Reinstatement 8/1/2017
Booth, Eileen 485673H Suspension 6/21/2017
Booth, Melina Yrene T095122 Denial of Application 3/15/2010
Boromisza, Josie 350599G Suspension 10/22/2014