The Professional Certification Department will be unavailable on June 11, 2024, from 9:00–10:30 am due to an all-agency staff meeting

Nearly 200,000 educators are certified in Washington state, including classroom teachers, principals, paraeducators, school counselors, superintendents, and more. Most certifications must be renewed every five years. This page contains information about the certification and renewal processes, requirements for continuing education, emergency certifications, how military veterans and educators from out of state can teach in Washington, and more.

This week (6/10/2024), we are reviewing the following:
  • Teacher applications received the week of 4/11/2024
  • Clock hour reports received the week of 4/24/2024
  • CTE applications received the week of 5/6/2024
  • ESA applications received the week of 4/28/2024
  • Administrator applications received the week of 4/18/2024
  • Paraeducator applications received the week of 4/22/2024
  • The customer service staff is responding to most emails within 5 business days and voicemails within 2 business days of being received.

There are currently 6,205 total applications pending review. For more information, see the Application Processing Status page.