Emergency Repair Pool Grant

Contact Information

Scott Black
Program Development Manager

The Emergency Repair Grant is intended solely for emergency repair grants to address unexpected and imminent health and safety hazards at K-12 public schools, including Skill Centers, that will impact the day-to-day operations of the school facility.

This is not a competitive grant and districts must be facing a situation that is closing all or part of school necessary for education purposes. See RCW 28A.335.190 (6) Emergency declaration-exemption to public works for more information.


School districts must invoke an emergency declaration/resolution, signed by the school district board of directors, and submitted to OSPI.

Skills Centers

  • The directors of the skill center cooperative must initiate a letter detailing the emergency to the host district.
  • The host district must invoke an emergency declaration/resolution signed by the school district board of directors and submitted to the Office of Superintendent of Instruction.

Emergency Declaration/Resolution

The information below may be included as attachments to the emergency declaration as long as the attachments are identified in the declaration. All requests for funding will be reviewed. OSPI will determine eligibility and whether the application is approved or denied. Districts may be requested to submit more information upon request.

See an Example of an Emergency Declaration/Resolution.

Emergency Declaration/Resolution Requirements

  • Description of the imminent health and safety hazard.
  • The possible cause of the problem.
  • Proposed scope of emergency repair work.
  • Related cost estimate.
  • An identification of local funding to be applied to the project.
  • Acknowledgment that this grant will be repaid with any insurance payments or judgments that may be awarded to the district.


Districts should consider applying if:

  • The district does not have sufficient operating or capital funds to adequately address the health and safety hazard, and;
  • The emergency will likely result in the immediate physical injury to persons or property in the absence of prompt remedial action, or;
  • The facility would suffer material damage if repair was delayed until addressed by preventative or routine maintenance, or;
  • The facility cannot be safely occupied by students and educational staff.