Competency-Based Credits

Students in Washington state may be able to earn up to four high school credits by demonstrating their proficiency in a language other than English.

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Veronica Trapani-Huebner

Associate Director of Content, World Languages

Minimum Requirements for College Admissions

HEC Board's Minimum High School Core Course Requirements: State law requires the Higher Education Coordinating Board to establish minimum requirements for freshman admission to Washington's public four-year universities and college. To be admitted as freshmen, high school students must complete the following minimum core course requirements, adopted by the Board in 1987:

  • Four years of English, including three years of literature and composition.
  • Three years of mathematics, including algebra, geometry and advanced mathematics.
  • Three years of social science.
  • Two years of science, including one year of laboratory science (the equivalent of biology, chemistry, physics, or principles of technology) Note: Students applying for college freshman admission, beginning in fall 2010, will need to complete two years of laboratory science, including one year of algebra-based biology, chemistry or physics).
  • Two years of the same foreign language, Native American language, or American Sign language.
  • One year of fine, visual or performing arts or electives from any of the other required subjects.

Starting with the Class of 2019

The credits include 2 years of World Language that can be converted to Personalized Pathway credits based on the student's high school and beyond plan. Visit the Washington State School Board of Education for a comprehensive explanation.

Relevant Washington Administrative Code (WAC)