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Home » Student Success » Support Programs » Attendance, Chronic Absenteeism, and Truancy

Attendance, Chronic Absenteeism, and Truancy

ESSER Attendance and Reengagement

OSPI is supporting attendance & reengagement through the ESSER Attendance & Reengagement Project. Find out more by reading the Attendance and Reengagement Project Explainer.

Contact Information

Assistant Director of Attendance & Engagement

Attendance is a critical building block for student learning. If students are not present, they cannot engage in learning. Attendance is a powerful signal and leading indicator of equity.  It can signal when students might need additional support and areas for system and school improvement. Chronic absenteeism impacts all students—no matter their age. Students that miss just two days a month for any reason are more likely to not read at grade level, and more likely to not graduate.

Mental Health Related Absences

House Bill (HB) 1834: Mental Health Related Absences directs OSPI to categorize a student's absence from school due to a mental health reason as an excused absence due to illness, health condition, or medical appointment; and to develop the rule and guidance to implement the rule.

Attendance Awareness Materials

Explore positive and supportive messaging for students, families, communities, and educators, dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of attendance.

Best Practices for Improving Attendance

Explore best practices to help you in your attendance improvement work through multi-tiered systems of support. 

Attendance Resources

Discover tools for understanding your data, planning and assessment tools, information on attendance screeners, and a variety of resources for communicating about attendance.  

Policies, Guidance, & Data Reporting 

Learn about relevant policies, guidance, and data pertaining to attendance in Washington state. 

District Truancy Liaison

Each school district must identify a point of contact for all matters related to excessive absenteeism and truancy (RCW 28A.225.026). Find your district's contact information here.