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Andrew Miller

Associate Director, Social Studies

Grant programs offered through OSPI Social Studies are available through the Education Data System (EDS) iGrants application. These grants are intended to support and enhance the teaching of civics education in the community and are designed for a specific program containing its own unique policy and application.

Civics Curriculum Grant

This grant, funded by SB 5092 Section 501 (4)(q) for 2021-23, was created to support districts in enhancing civic education through in-service training and the development or adoption of curriculum and instructional materials. Districts identified as first class are eligible for up to $1,500 and districts identified as second class are eligible for up to $750. Districts may apply as a consortium (partner with other districts) in order to leverage this funding, such as combining funding and staff for a professional development opportunity.

Civic Education Travel Grant

The Civic Education Travel grant program is created to provide travel grants to students participating in statewide, regional, or international civic education competitions or events. Travel grants are awarded on a competitive basis and are open to all school districts and tribal schools.

The superintendent of public instruction shall select grant recipients from student applicants that meet all of the following criteria as per RCW 28A.300.480:

(a) Students must be residents of the state of Washington;
(b) Students must use the grants to fund travel to civic education-based competitions or events;
(c) Students must be participants in the civic education competition or event; and
(d) Students must be under the age of twenty-one and not yet have received their high school diploma.

Kip Tokuda Memorial Grant

The Kip Tokuda Memorial grant form package #969 has launched for fiscal year 2023-24!

All grants are for the purpose of establishing a legacy of remembrance as part of a continuing process of recovery from the World War II exclusion, forced removal, and incarceration of individuals of Japanese ancestry.

  • Request for Applications (RFA) - Review this document prior to submitting an application for this grant (see the callout box for information on how to submit an application).
  • RCW 28A.300.390 - Legislative findings on the Kip Tokuda Memorial Washington Civil Liberties Public Education Program.
  • RCW 28A.300.410 - Grant information about the Kip Tokuda Memorial Washington Civil Liberties Public Education Program.
  • WCLPEP - Printable document detailing the Washington Civil Liberties Public Education Program (WCLPEP).

The Kip Tokuda Memorial program is created to do one or both of the following:

  1. Educate the public regarding the history and the lessons of the World War II exclusion, removal, and incarceration of persons of Japanese ancestry through the development, coordination, and distribution of new educational materials and the development of curriculum materials to complement and augment resources currently available on this subject matter; and
  2. Develop videos, plays, presentations, speaker bureaus, and exhibitions for presentation to elementary schools, secondary schools, community colleges, and other interested parties.

The resources and materials created through the grant are intended to ensure that the World War II exclusion, forced removal, and incarceration of individuals of Japanese ancestry will be remembered, and the causes and circumstances of this and similar events will be addressed and understood.