Use of the OSPI Logo

OSPI's Brand Use Policy governs the uses of OSPI's logos, including the primary logo, secondary logos, and the schoolhouse seal logo (no longer in use). The policy applies to all OSPI employees and contractors, and to public stakeholders and third parties who request permission from OSPI to use OSPI's brand.

Requests to use OSPI's logo and questions about the policy can be directed to Katy Payne, Executive Director of Communications, at

Using the OSPI Brand

The primary OSPI logo, alternative OSPI logos, and the OSPI schoolhouse seal logo (no longer in use) are all proprietary and may not be used, reproduced, displayed, advertised, or published without the prior written consent of the Executive Director of Communications.

Requests for use of the logo by a third party shall be made to the Executive Director of Communications following the procedure established by the Communications Office. If the request is approved, the third party shall follow the requirements for logo display set forth in the Brand Guidelines. The Executive Director of Communications has the right to revoke authorization of use at any time, for any reason.

Prohibited Uses of the OSPI Brand


Neither the name of the agency or the agency’s brand, including logos and brand colors, may be used in any manner that states or implies endorsement of a commercial product or service, is misleading, gives a false impression of the agency, or could cause confusion about the agency’s relationship with any person or entity. Statements that the agency is a purchaser or user of a product, service, or program are permitted if true.

General Prohibitions

Neither the name of the agency nor the agency’s brand may be used in any manner that could adversely affect the agency’s image or standing or would otherwise be inappropriate for a state governmental agency. Such uses include, but are not limited to, the use of the OSPI brand in connection with alcoholic beverages, tobacco or marijuana products, sexually oriented products or services, religious products, political parties or organizations, gaming or gambling, and firearms, outside of an educational context.


If a violation of this policy is identified, the Communications Office will work to determine the necessary corrective action, if any. With respect to all violations of this policy, OSPI reserves the right to seek appropriate remedies under federal or state law.


Persons or entities may request an exemption to the Executive Director of Communications for consideration.