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National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs)

Welcome to the National Board Certification process, a challenging and rewarding opportunity for professional development! Here you will find the information you need to assist you as you work to achieve National Board Certification.

Candidate Support

OSPI partners with several universities, districts, ESDs, and Education Associations throughout the state to support candidates through the certification process.

National Board Candidate FAQs

How do I register as a National Board candidate?

Candidates can register online at NBPTS(link is external) until February 28, 2022.

  • Read the Guide to National Board Certification 
  • Click on the 'Get Certified' tab
  • Click on the 'Log In/Sign Up' button
  • Create a new account or log in with your existing account if you are a returning user

Note: registering as a candidate for the National Board process does not automatically register you for any support options. Any additional support requires separate registration through the sponsoring organization.

What is the registration timeline?
Event Date
Registration Window July 13, 2022 - February 28, 2023
Fee Payment Deadline February 28, 2023
Change of Certificate and/or Specialty Area February 28, 2023
Change of Component Selection February 28, 2023
ePortfolio Submission Window April 1 - May 17, 2023
Withdrawal Deadline February 28, 2023
Component 1: Content Knowledge Testing Window March 1 - June 15, 2023
Scores Released December 9, 2022
Are candidates able to submit all four components in one year?

Yes, a candidate can choose to submit anywhere from one to four components in a given year. All four components must be initially submitted within the first three years of candidacy to be eligible for two additional years of candidacy for the purpose of retakes.

What fees are associated with the assessment?
  • Annual Registration Fee: $75 non-refundable
  • Component Fee: $475 per component
  • Retake Fee:
    • Components 2, 3, and 4 - $475 per retake attempt per component
    • Component 1 - $125 per exercise and/or the Selected Response section
  • Optional (unless a conditional loan recipient) Cohort Support Fees: please refer directly to the cohort for their fee requirements.
  • Optional Jump Start Fees: $250 - $600 depending on WEA membership status
What are the eligibility requirements for completing the National Board process?

To be eligible for the National Board Certification process, a candidate must:

  • Hold a Bachelor's Degree*;
  • Have completed three full years of teaching or school counseling; and
  • Possess a valid state teaching or school counseling license. Conditional and other limited certificates are ineligible, though experience under these certificates counts toward total years teaching.

*CTE teachers are not required to hold a Bachelor's Degree unless it is required for their state's licensure.

When are scores announced?

Per the Guide to National Board Certification, scores will be reported no later than December 31st of any year. Scores for 2022-23 candidates will be reported on December 9, 2023. When scores are reported, candidates will receive a score for each component attempted, as well as information to assist a candidate in making decisions on whether or not to retake any components. NBPTS only counts a candidate's highest score, if retaking components. 

How is the retake process structured?

Candidates must attempt each of the four components within their first three years of candidacy. Candidates will have up to an additional two years to retake any component (or sections of Component 1) during the total five year window. These two years do not have to be concurrent or consecutive. A candidate can choose to take a gap year in which they do not complete any components, however, it does not extend their total five year window. Candidates may retake each component or exercise of Component 1 up to two times. 

Is there funding assistance for the National Board process?
  • Washington State offers a conditional loan to cover $1,425 of the $1,900 assessment fee.
  • School districts offer varying support, some of which is financial. 
  • Through corporate and foundation partners, NBPTS is periodically able to offer scholarships. Scholarship eligibility guidelines are set by the funding organization. More information can be found on the NBPTS website.
What support options are available for candidates pursuing National Board certification?

All Washington state candidates have access to support from OSPI-approved cohorts throughout the state. View the list of approved cohorts.

WEA offers an intensive seminar called Jump Start, geared for teachers pursuing National Board certification. Learn more on the WEA website.

Note: Any conditional loan recipients are required to register with an OSPI-approved cohort per component and complete a Foundations course. (WEA Jump Start meets the requirements for the Foundations course).

Note: Registering for any support options does not automatically register you as a candidate directly with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

Does OSPI offer clock hours for both completion and certification of the National Board certification process? If so, how many hours will be awarded?

Yes, OSPI offers clock hours to candidates, with the amount and process to receive them dependent on when the candidate first submitted a component or renewed their certificate. Please see our page on clock hours for National Board for more information.

Candidates may be eligible for additional clock hours for attending cohort meetings or WEA Jump Start events. Any additional clock hours come from the sponsoring organization and not from OSPI.

Is National Board an option for teachers needing Professional Certification?

Washington State does honor a certificate from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and NBCTs are eligible to apply for a Professional Certificate upon National Board certification. More information is available on the OSPI Certification website.

Is it possible to add an endorsement to my WA state teaching certificate via the National Board process?

Yes, educators may add endorsements to their WA certificate via the National Board process. The subject area or grade level indicated on a National Board certificate must be comparable to one of the Washington endorsement areas. More information is available on the OSPI certification website.

 More information about the certification process on the NBPTS Website.