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A variety of published reports exist on Open Doors Youth Reengagement, including outcomes, evaluative, and legislative reports.

Annual Outcomes Reports

WAC 392-700-195 directed the Education Research and Data Center (ERDC) to examine longitudinal performance goals for the statewide K12 reengagement system, Open Doors. Annual outcomes reports issued by the ERDC are below:

Evaluative Reports

The Community Partnerships for Reengagement Initiative is a collaboration between Education Northwest and OSPI to strengthen the capacity of Open Doors Youth Reengagement Programs. The Initiative is funded by Kaiser Permanente and the Ballmer Group and focuses on practices that support student outcomes. 

Legislative Reports

2022 Improving Institutional Education Outcomes: Final Report

*This report was produced jointly with the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF).

Aiming to make progress in addressing the education and related support needs of youth in secure facilities, the 2021 Legislature passed House Bill 1295. The legislation required OSPI and DCYF to convene a workgroup to develop recommendations for the establishment, implementation, and funding of a reformed institutional education system. This report provides the workgroup's final recommendations, as well as a letter by the leaders of OSPI and DCYF calling for transformative changes in governance, oversight and accountability, and continuity of education for youth.

2021 Post-resident Youth – Dropout Prevention System Examination

The 2021 Legislature directed OSPI to examine Washington's dropout prevention, intervention, and retrieval system, as well as recommend new or modified dropout reengagement requirements and practices that will promote credit earning and high school completion by youth and post-resident youth. OSPI focused this analysis on Washington's statewide dropout reengagement system: Open Doors. This report includes three recommendations by OSPI to promote better outcomes for post-resident youth and all youth who engage in the state's youth reengagement programs.

UPDATE: 2021 Building Bridges Workgroup (Dropout Prevention, Intervention, and Reengagement)

The Legislature established the Building Bridges Workgroup in 2007 to ensure a coordinated effort to keep all students on track to graduate from high school. With the Workgroup's recommendations as a foundation, the Graduation: A Team Effort (GATE) initiative continues to meet regularly. The four-year graduation rate in Washington continues to grow each year, but we have not yet met our statewide goal of 90 percent.