Environment & Sustainability

OSPI's goal for Environmental and Sustainability Education (ESE) is to support academic success and life-long learning and to develop a responsible citizenry capable of applying knowledge of ecological, economic, and socio-cultural systems to meet current and future needs. Environmental education is a mandatory area of study in Washington, required by WAC 392-410-115.

U.S. Dept. of Education's Green Ribbon Schools Program

OSPI nominates Washington candidates for this award. Learn more about the program and access application materials here.

Learning Standards

The state's K–12 Integrated Environmental and Sustainability Learning Standards describe what students should know and be able to do at each grade level.

Environmental & Sustainability Literacy Plan

OSPI and Washington community partners, along with school and district leaders, led the development of the Washington state Environmental and Sustainability Literacy Plan.

Resources & Research

Review resources to support ESE in schools, districts, and communities.

Native American Stories in Science and Sustainability Education

With a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington state LASER and OSPI upgraded three sets of commonly used elementary science materials to integrate Environmental and Sustainability Learning Standards. Additionally, the upgraded lessons are enhanced by ties to Native American stories from across Washington. Recordings of the stories, as told by Roger Fernandes, are available for all educators to use (located under the heading Native American Stories in Science and Sustainability Education Connections).

ESE in Career & Technical Education

Sustainable Design & Technology Framework

The OSPI Framework for CTE Green Sustainable Design and Technology Course is offered by the CTE Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics career cluster. The purpose of this exploratory course is to expose students to career opportunities in the new green economy.

For information on the course framework, contact OSPI's CTE team.