Support National Board Candidates

Support Partner Agreements 2022-2023

2023-2024 Support Partner Agreement-All candidate support providers must complete this agreement in order to be approved through the Washington National Board Network. Candidates applying for OSPI's conditional loan must be participating in a cohort through an approved support provider.

Agreements must be completed and sent to OSPI no later than November 30, 2023.

National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs)

Partners and programs are a key factor in Washington state's successful support of candidates. Universities, non-profits, education associations, and school districts hire trained NBCTs as facilitators to support candidates through the certification process.

  • OSPI Approved Support Providers (contact information for all approved district and organization cohorts) Note: support providers must complete the approval process annually
  • School districts (a list of districts that provide any type of support for candidates and NBCTs; not all districts may be on the Approved Support Providers list)

Start a Cohort

Candidates that receive the OSPI Conditional Loan are required to join one of the OSPI-approved support providers, though all candidates are strongly encouraged to meet regularly with a cohort.

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards recognizes Washington as a model state in recruitment, retention and support of candidates. Their report stated:

  • Washington has ninth highest applicant volume in country
  • The data supports the idea that Washington is a model state in terms of low attrition rate, high candidate volume, high quality candidate support and quality mentor training (as evidenced by the high achievement rate for first-time candidates)
  • Washington has the lowest attrition rate in the country (9 percent)
  • The attrition rate for candidates in Title I schools is much lower than that for non-Title I schools.

Become a Facilitator

Are you thinking about becoming a Cohort Facilitator? Read over the Facilitator Job Description and our Cohort Facilitator web page to see if this is the right role for you!