Support National Board Candidates

Support Partner Agreements 2024-2025

2024-2025 Support Partner Agreement-All candidate support providers must complete this agreement in order to be approved through the Washington National Board Network. Candidates applying for OSPI's conditional loan must be participating in a cohort through an approved support provider.

Agreements must be completed and sent to OSPI no later than November 30, 2024.

Contact Information

National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs)

Partners and programs are a key factor in Washington state's successful support of candidates. Universities, non-profits, education associations, and school districts hire trained NBCTs as facilitators to support candidates through the certification process.

  • OSPI Approved Support Providers (contact information for all approved district and organization cohorts) Note: support providers must complete the approval process annually
  • School districts (a list of districts that provide any type of support for candidates and NBCTs; not all districts may be on the Approved Support Providers list)

Start a Cohort

Candidates that receive the OSPI Conditional Loan are required to join one of the OSPI-approved support providers, though all candidates are strongly encouraged to meet regularly with a cohort.

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards recognizes Washington as a model state in recruitment, retention and support of candidates. Their report stated:

  • Washington has ninth highest applicant volume in country
  • The data supports the idea that Washington is a model state in terms of low attrition rate, high candidate volume, high quality candidate support and quality mentor training (as evidenced by the high achievement rate for first-time candidates)
  • Washington has the lowest attrition rate in the country (9 percent)
  • The attrition rate for candidates in Title I schools is much lower than that for non-Title I schools.

Become a Facilitator

Are you thinking about becoming a Cohort Facilitator? Read over the Facilitator Job Description and our Cohort Facilitator web page to see if this is the right role for you!