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Washington Administrative Code - State Regulations

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  • Title 179 WAC Paraeducator Board
  • Title 180 WAC State Board of Education
  • Title 181 WAC Professional Educator Standards Board
  • WAC 181-01 (WEST-B basic skills assessment time extension and exemptions)
  • WAC 181-02 (WEST-E basic skills assessment time extension and exemptions)
  • WAC 181-77 (Standards for career &technical [vocational] certification)
  • WAC 181-77A (Approval standards, career/technical programs -business & industry work experience)
  • WAC 181-78A (Approval standards for performance-based preparation programs)
  • WAC 181-79A (Standards for certification of teachers, administrators, and ESA's)
  • WAC 181-82 (Certificate endorsements and assignment of certificated personnel)
  • WAC 181-82A (Performance-based teacher certificate endorsements)
  • WAC 181-85 (Continuing education requirement)
  • WAC 181-86 (Administration of certification proceedings)
  • WAC 181-87 (Acts of unprofessional conduct)
  • Title 392 WAC Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • WAC 392-172-200 (Special education assignment; includes pre-endorsement waiver)
  • WAC 392-172-202 (Special education emergency - temporary out-of-endorsement assignment)