180-Day School Year Waivers

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As part of the basic education requirements in Washington state, each local education agency (LEA*) must make a minimum of 180 school days available to students each school year. LEAs must also provide at least 1,000 annual instructional hours to students in kindergarten through 8th grade, and at least 1,080 annual instructional hours to students in grades 9–12 (a district-wide average of at least 1,027 hours in grades 1–12). LEAs receive state funding based on the number of students who are enrolled in the district for an average of 1,027 instructional hours over 180 school days. (*LEAs include public school districts, state-tribal education compact schools, and charter schools.)

OSPI may grant certain school day waivers that would assist the school district in implementing a local plan to provide all students an effective education system designed to enhance the educational program for each student.

Waiver Application Forms & Instructions

Parent-Teacher Conference Days Waiver
School districts may waive up to five school days per year for the purpose of conducting parent-teacher conferences.

180-day School Year Requirement
School-day waiver for pre-planned activities such as professional development, student transition days, conducting parent-teacher conferences for more than five days.

Emergency School Closure Waiver
School-day waiver for unforeseen emergencies causing temporary school facility closures.

Economy and Efficiency Waiver
School districts with less than 500 students may seek a waiver to operate with a flexible calendar for the purposes of economy and efficiency. Waiver can be granted to no more than ten school districts. Please contact OSPI waivers email address for the Economy and Efficiency waiver application.

Waiver Application Submission & Decision Timetable

Submit: Waiver application packets must be submitted via email to OSPI waivers email address.

All required application elements must be submitted before application consideration. Please see the application form for further instructions.

Timing: School-day waiver applications must be submitted prior to implementation (except for emergency waiver day applications). In general, applications submitted to OSPI by the 5th of the month will have a decision by the 10th of the following month. For example, applications received by OSPI before January 5 will receive a decision by February 10.

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