Online Learning for Schools & Districts

Model Documents

Below are model documents for creating/revising a district’s online learning policy & procedure, and for creating/revising an agreement between a district and a provider.

Contact Information

Below are resources for schools & districts interested in online learning, including our FAQs, the Online Learning Guide, and the approval application.

Schools/District FAQs

Below you will find answers to questions on online course enrollment, district responsibilities, and more.

Guide to Online Learning

The guide to online learning document provides guidance on the roles & responsibilities of districts and providers, the approval process, CEDARS coding, and more. Many decisions may need to be made at the district/program level but this guide may be useful in making those decisions.

Online learning may or may not be ALE-funded; please see the Alternative Learning Experience for more information on ALE.

Approved Online Course Providers

Approved course providers have met a minimum qualification and assurances to meet Washington state learning requirements WAC 392-502. Districts may contract with these providers for online courses based on WAC 392-121-188.

Approval Application

Below is more information on applying for Online School Program and Online Course Provider approvals. Please note the differences in approval categories as well as the Resources for each category.


These assurances agreed to by all approved online learning programs and providers ensure that they understand and will abide by the requirements of Washington state education and online learning.

Online Learning Advisory Committee

Members of the advisory committee will assist OSPI by providing advice regarding the approval criteria, major components of the website, the model school district policy, model agreements, and other related matters.