Continuing Education Clock Hours

To maintain their certification, educators are required by law to complete continuing education credits throughout their career. These credits are offered through “clock hours,” which are units of credit assigned to educators at a professional development or training event. Clock hour rules are available in Chapter 181-85 WAC.

Educator Clock Hour Information

Educator certificate renewal requirements frequently asked questions.

STEM Clock Hours

Beginning on September 1, 2019, renewal applications for initial, residency, professional, and continuing teacher and CTE certificates must document completion of at least 15 clock hours, or at least one goal from an annual professional growth plan (PGP), with an emphasis on STEM integration to meet this renewal requirement.​

Approved Providers

All Washington public school districts and compact schools are approved providers. If an agency is on the approved clock hour provider list, the clock hours are not eligible unless there is acceptable documentation.

Become an Approved Provider

Washington requires the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) approve providers of continuing education for educators. Providers are approved annually. To seek approval, an agency must be a non-profit organization; private school; an accredited college/university; or a local, state or federal government agency.

Guidance for Providers—When clock hours are provided for an event, certain requirements must be met including; the content of the training, qualifications of the instructor, and the materials provided.

Department of Health License Hours as Clock Hours Information

Educational staff associates may use continuing education units (CEUs), credits, or clock hours that satisfy the continuing education requirements for their state professional health license, for Washington and any other state, as in-service credits.