School Safety Preparedness and Response

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The School Safety Center resources are provided is to assist educators, student support professionals, community organizations, caregivers and students to create safe, positive and successful school environments in all of Washington’s schools.

Active Shooter Situations

Active shooter situations are those in which an individual is “actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area.”

Bomb Threats

Most bomb threats are received by phone, but threats also have been posted on social networking sites or delivered via other media.

Gang Activity

With the presence of gangs in our communities come concerns about drugs, crime, and potential violence. The same concerns are raised about the presence of gangs in our schools.


Hazing is any method of initiation into a student organization or living group that causes, or is likely to cause bodily danger or physical harm, or serious mental or emotional harm.

School Drills

Schools are required to have at least one drill per month, including summer sessions with students. Due to geographic location, schools have unique safety challenges.


As the threat of terrorism evolves and as more youth embrace extremist ideologies, there is a growing need to include processes to assess, prepare, protect, mitigate, respond, and ultimately recover from terrorism-motivated incidents within the district and school safety plans.


School safety and security are increased by limiting the availability of weapons and potential weapons on school grounds. Both state and federal laws regulate the possession of firearms and other dangerous weapons at schools and near schools.