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OSPI System and School Improvement provides numerous resources and tools to assist our partners, districts, and schools with what they need to create a learning environment and system of sustainable growth.

This page consists of information sheets, guides, tutorials, and FAQs pertaining to Continuous School Improvement supports for schools identified for tiered support through the Washington School Improvement Framework (WSIF). Each section below provides information related to School Identification, School Improvement Plans (SIPs), Grant Management, and more.

Cycle 3 WSIF Identification

Cycle 3 Washington School Improvement Framework School Identification Support lists school identification and support status for the third cycle of Washington State Improvement Framework (WSIF) identification and supports.

The following guides provide next steps based on Cycle 3 support identification and outline expectations, timelines, resources, and templates:

School District Accountability Appeal

If a school or district wants to appeal their WSIF Cycle 3 identification status. Please complete this appeal form and email it to Accountability Appeals. The appeals team will review your request and follow-up.

Cycle 2 WSIF Identification

The Cycle 2 Washington School Improvement Framework School Identification Support document lists school identification and support status for the second cycle of WSIF identification and supports. The following guides provide for the next steps based on Cycle 2 support identification. Each guide outlines expectations, timelines, resources, and templates.

Watch the Cycle 2 Identification Information webinar or review the Webinar slides for more information.

Improvement and Accountability Planning & Progress Monitoring Templates

All templates for School Improvement Plan (SIP), Progress Reviews, and LEA Consolidated Accountability Plan (L-CAP) are available here for use. For questions or technical assistance on completing templates, please contact the Continuous Improvement team or your Continuous Improvement Partner (CIP).

Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA)

A Comprehensive Needs Assessment is required by schools and districts to identify the priority needs and define their WSIF tier placement. The CNA toolkit and Common Data Sources Guide will assist schools and districts in the CNA process and lay out the steps for completion.

School Improvement Plan Template

For additional guidance on creating a strong and effective SIP using the above templates, refer to the following resources:

LEA Consolidated Accountability Plan (L-CAP)

Every Local Education Agency (LEA) containing one or more schools identified as eligible for Tiers 1, 2, 3, or 3 Plus identification is responsible for completing an L-CAP at the beginning of SY 2024-25.

SIP Progress Review Template

Reviews on SIP progress are required mid-year and at the end of the school year. All schools eligible for Tier 3 and Tier 3 Plus identification are required to complete each review for the current WSIF cycle. For questions and assistance, please contact your school's CIP.

Evidence-Based Practices

OSSI Grants and Fiscal Guidance

General Information

Below is information on the available OSSI form packages, eligible grantees, and guidance on how to apply.

Allowable and Prohibited Expenditures

Below is information on allowable uses of OSSI grant funding. Note the list of prohibited expenditures before planning any activities with OSSI funds.

Technical Assistance Support

The below information refers to technical assistance support for the Education Grant Management System (EGMS), as well as other components of the grant application process.

 OSSI Grant Office Hours and Support

Forms and Reporting

The items below address Time and Effort reporting for federally funded grants, as well as the request for capital expenditures at or above the state/federal threshold.

OSSI Grant Reallocations 2023-24

Upon successful revisions/amendments to their grant application, eligible schools are awarded an increased award amount due to unused funds reallocation.

Data & Implementation Resources

Measures we report on System and School Improvement data are analyzed through an equity lens to make reducing the opportunity gap a top priority.

Open Doors & Reengagement Resources