Superintendent's Vision & Priorities

Equitable Access to Strong Foundations

Increase student access to and participation in high-quality early learning and elementary by amplifying and building on inclusive, asset-based policies and practices.

Initial Objectives:

  • Universal access to pre-K
  • New K–3 literacy focus
  • Universal access to dual language learning by elementary

Rigorous Learner-Centered Options in Every Community

Provide all students with access to challenging coursework, culturally responsive and anti-racist curriculum, and pathways to graduation and beyond that meet their unique interests.

Initial Objectives:

  • Access to meaningful High School and Beyond Planning for all students beginning in 8th grade
  • Equitable access to dual credit courses
  • Flexibility in the 24-credit graduation requirement, providing for custom-tailored pathways and options

A Diverse, Inclusive, and Highly Skilled Workforce

Prepare all students with educators who are reflective of our global society by increasing access to a workforce that is diverse, culturally responsive, and racially literate.

Initial Objectives:

  • Access to residency experience for all pre-service educators
  • Educators and school staff that reflect the diversity of the students they serve
  • Opportunities and access to high-quality professional learning for in-service educators

A Committed, Unified, and Customer-Focused OSPI

Support school districts through consistent, timely, and meaningful funding and supports that center the needs of students. Agency operations are unified in facilitating services and resources in alignment with the commitments in our strategic goals.

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