Applying for Safety Net Funding

Safety net funding is available to school districts with a demonstrated capacity for Special Education funding in excess of state and federal funding otherwise provided.

The Safety Net Funding Bulletin (B070-23) discusses allocated funding, the application process, trainings, deadlines, committee members, and more! 

If your LEA needs to submit May High-Need Individual Updates please fill out this Smartsheet request form, if your LEA has not already done so. We will use this request to send your application back to you through EGMS. As a reminder May High-Need Individual Updates and Community Impact Applications are due May 10, 2024. See the GovDelivery notification.

EGMS Applications

Both Safety Net applications are now available in the Education Grants Management System (EGMS).

  • High-Need Individual Safety Net Application: Announcement ID AN-OSPI-1834
  • Community Impact Safety Net Application: Announcement ID AN-OSPI-1835


Contact the Safety Net Team if you want to set up one-on-one Safety Net training.

Safety Net High-Need Individual EGMS Application Walkthrough

This video walkthrough details how to apply for High-Need Individual Safety Net applications in EGMS.

Safety Net Overview Recorded Training

This video covers the basics about Safety Net and does not go into detail about how to apply through EGMS. 

Safety Net Overview Training | Safety Net Overview Training Slides

Safety Net Application Mini-Tutorial Videos

The following mini-tutorial videos are available on YouTube:


    Safety Net Materials

    Please note: Some of these examples include redacted IEP matrices that were provided by a local district. We are in no way endorsing how information is reported on the matrices but merely using the example to show how we would report the information on Worksheet C.

    Past Application Summaries