OSPI’s Website Address Change

We are excited to announce an important update regarding our website URL. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve functionality and increase internet security, we are changing our current URL from k12.wa.us to ospi.k12.wa.us. Read more about this change and its impact

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School Buildings & Facilities

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School Facilities & Organization


Policy and funding related to construction and maintenance of Washington state's school buildings and facilities.

School Facilities Programs

Asset Preservation Program (APP) | High-Performance Schools & WSSP | School District Organization | Skill Centers.

School Construction Assistance Program (SCAP)

The School Construction Assistance Program (SCAP) provides funding assistance for facility planning, new construction, and modernizations.

Building Condition Assessment (BCA)

A condition assessment of a school building's envelope performance, structural foundation, mechanical systems, as well as other system and system component types to help identify a school district's capital needs.

Information and Condition of Schools (ICOS)

A web-based site and facilities inventory tracking system where information and building condition details about each school district are stored

Forms and Applications

D-Forms and forms for Retainage & Release/Certification & Reimbursement/Forecasting/Other.

Grants & Funding Resources (Non-SCAP)

A list of the various grants and funding resources related to school construction and maintenance.

Regulations & Guidance

Washington State regulations related to School construction and maintenance.

Advisory Groups

The School Facilities Citizens Advisory Panel (CAP) gathers to maintain citizen oversight on issues pertaining to school facilities and funding for school construction. The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) gathers to enhance the level of expert advice provided to OSPI on technical issues related to school facilities.