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Residency Teacher Renewal

There are multiple types of applications available for educators who are reissuing or renewing their Residency Teacher Certificate. See below for more information on each option.


This is the certificate an educator would apply for after their Residency First Issue or Provisional Status Certificate has gained an expiration date.

  • Must be reported by an employer on the annual Fall OSPI report (S275) with at least 1.5 years of full-time experience
  • Submission of fingerprints for a background check is required if a valid certificate is not already on record

NOTE: If you have not received an email notice from the Certification Office or have not been able to verify through E-Certification that you have gained an expiration date, DO NOT apply for this certificate before contacting our office

This is the certificate an educator would apply for when their reissue certificate is set to expire and for any subsequent renewals. This is the certificate an educator would apply for when their reissue certificate is set to expire and for any subsequent renewals.

Beginning July 1, 2023, House Bill 1426 issued new certificate renewal requirements, in addition to current renewal requirements, for all teachers, CTE teachers, and for all administrator and CTE director certificates. New requirements are italicized below. 


  • Must attest to completing an issue of abuse course; for more information, see WAC 181-79A-030(9). This course MUST be entered into the 'PD Hours' section of your E-Certification account prior to applying
  • 15 Equity-based school practices aligned with CCDEI standards clock hours or valid National Boards certificate or equivalent college credits or at least one goal of an annual PGP from one of the legislature approved providers.
  • Submission of fingerprints for a background check is required if a valid certificate is not already on record

Clock Hour Note: Educators cannot use the same clock hours to satisfy multiple clock hour-specific requirements (STEM, Equity, Leadership, etc.). Clock hours for renewal must be completed after the date your most recent certificate was issued. If your certificate validity period is less than five years, clock hours must be completed within the five years prior to submitting your renewal application.

Example: An educator who completes clock hours in a culturally responsive STEM course offered by a legislatively designated CCDEI provider earns 15 total clock hours. The professional learning meets the STEM and Equity standards but must be split between content-specific requirements. The educator could count ten (10) hours toward meeting the STEM certificate renewal requirement and five (5) hours towards meeting the Equity renewal requirement. This educator would need to complete additional content-specific clock hours to fully meet their certificate renewal requirements. 

Certificate Renewal Information

Subsequent renewals: 100 clock hours or equivalents must be completed from the issuance date through the current certificate's expiration date.

Renewal of an expired Residency Certificate: 100 clock hours or equivalents must be completed within the five years immediately preceding the date of application for renewal.

NOTE: Educators applying to renew an expired certificate must submit documentation of completed clock hours or equivalents to the Certification Office for review with their application.

ISSUES OF ABUSE COURSE NOTE: The candidate must have taken coursework on issues of abuse, which must include information related to the identification of physical, emotional, sexual, and substance abuse; the impact on learning and behavior; the responsibilities of a teacher to report abuse or to provide assistance to victimized children; and methods of teaching about abuse and its prevention.

STEM NOTE: Residency renewal applicants submitting after 9/1/2019; that hold specific endorsements, must complete the STEM requirements as part of their clock hours.

Clock hour equivalents are allowed as follows: 1 quarter credit = ten clock hours; 1-semester credit = 15 clock hours; 1 PGP until 6-30-18 = 30 clock hours; 1 PGP as of 7-1-18 = 25 clock hours.
Template Form 1697 PGP for Certificate Renewal

Form 1128-8: Use this form to document the completion of a Professional Growth Plan and submit to your school district to claim clock hours and to the Certification Office if you are submitting an application for renewal or reinstatement of an EXPIRED certificate.

For PGP information and resources, please visit the Professional Educator Standards Board.

Clock Hour Information


If you have all the necessary documentation to apply for this certificate, log in to: E-Certification

*IMPORTANT: Please note that application fees are NOT refundable. Ensure that you select and submit the correct application. If you have questions regarding your application, please contact our office.