Small School District Modernization Grant

Contact Information

Scott Black
Program Development Manager

The Small School District Modernization Grant is intended to assist small school districts, of one thousand students or less, with:

  1. School facilities that have significant building system deficiencies; and
  2. Such low property value that replacing or modernizing the school facility through the school construction assistance program would present an extraordinary tax burden on property owners or would exceed allowable debt for the district.

This funding is intended for small districts where the school facility does not need to be replaced or require extensive modernization but does have significant building system deficiencies.

These grants will be announced through iGrants as the legislature funds in each biennium.

Grant Process

  • ONLY Districts with an enrollment of 1,000 students or less (excluding ALE) may apply. The October 1049 of the application year will be used to determine the district enrollment. A district that rises above 1,000 students while waiting for funding will be removed from the list.
  • ONLY permanent educational facilities will be considered.
  • There is no district matching funds requirement.
  • District indirect charges are not allowed.
  • Districts apply for planning grants ( up to 50K – Determined by review committee) to hire a consultant to update ICOS Building Condition Scores (BCA) and fill out required documents to describe the project and better obtain budget totals.
  • After a district fulfills the requirements of planning grant, the construction cost will be included in the next biennium's OSPI capital budget request for proposed funding.
  • Planning grants and or Construction grants that are not funded would then be included in the next following biennium capital budget request.