Special Projects

OSPI Student Stories by Trillium Keith

Student Stories: What Is Senioritis?

As a senior in her final semester of high school, I have been hearing an uncountable number of students in my position self-diagnosing with the mysterious prognosis of senioritis…
May 08, 2024
The College Application Chronicles by Megan Jewell

Student Stories: “What do you write, my lord? Words, words, words.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing lately. I can’t seem to escape it. I doubt there will ever come a time in my life again where I do nearly as much writing as I have been…
May 02, 2024
Student story by Monica Velasquez

Student Stories: My Experience of Running Start

During high school, my older sister was a full-time Running Start student. Throughout her time in this program, I saw firsthand the arduous efforts it took to keep up with the…
Apr 25, 2024
Student story by Sein Kim

Student Stories: How Orchestra Helped Me to Grow

Playing instruments with others in an orchestra has been on my wish list, and this has become true. The orchestra program in my school is divided into four periods, with each…
Apr 10, 2024
Student Stories by Amira Saadi

Student Stories: A Crash Course on Getting Through High School

Assignments, graduation requirements, burnout, and high expectations can make high school challenging. But I’ve found it helpful to focus on some key things that I like to…
Mar 15, 2024
Student Stories by Megan Jewell

Student Stories: Senior Season

I woke this morning in a cold sweat worried I had actually submitted an annotated rough draft of my personal statement with my application to attend Gonzaga University. Being in…
Mar 01, 2024

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