Special Projects

Student Stories by Megan Jewell

Student Stories: Senior Season

I woke this morning in a cold sweat worried I had actually submitted an annotated rough draft of my personal statement with my application to attend Gonzaga University. Being in…
Mar 01, 2024
Student Stories by Sein Kim

Student Stories: Expanding Our Horizons Through School Clubs

High school is all about discovering our potential and building on it along with preparing ourselves academically and socially for the future. Whether you are interested in…
Feb 23, 2024
Student Stories by Monica Velasquez

Student Stories: The Differences Between Philippine and American Schools

With the popularization of foreign exchange programs and movements to adopt teaching methods from other countries, Americans have shown a growing interest in school systems around…
Feb 16, 2024
OSPI Student Stories by Trillium Keith

Student Stories: How My School Is Improving the AP Exam Experience

Advanced placement (AP) classes are courses a student may enroll in which accelerate learning and may count as college credit. Other advanced learning programs, such as…
Feb 06, 2024
Student Stories by Amira Saadi

Student Stories: How to Be a Teenager

I had one goal for the new year: Good grades. My thoughts were boggled into a box since I was young. When people asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I went directly…
Dec 05, 2023
Student story by Monica Velasquez

Student Stories: Academic Burnout Is Real and Preventable

My junior year so far has been very eventful. With a rapid increase in workload, responsibilities, and deadlines, it’s easy to feel burnt out. Material that used to come easily to…
Nov 28, 2023

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