Emergency Substitute Teacher Certification Out-of-State

This application is for those educators who are working with an employer that wants them to be available for substitute teaching on an emergency basis.

This limited certificate is not available for full certificate holders.

This certificate must be initiated by an employer in Washington through the submission of a district request. Once the district request has been submitted, log into your E-Certification account to submit the application.


  • Application initiated by employing school district and completed by educator
  • Submission of fingerprints for a background check is required, if a valid certificate is not already on record

An Emergency Substitute Certificate is issued for two years or less.


The Emergency Substitute Certificate may be reissued upon request by an employing school district, approved private school, or educational service district.


This application must be initiated by your sponsoring school district. Once that has been done, login to: E-Certification

*IMPORTANT: Please note that application fees are NOT refundable. Ensure that you select and submit the correct application. If you have questions regarding your application, please contact our office.