Modeling Our World with Mathematics

State Course Code

The State Course Code for Modeling Our World with Mathematics is WA0009.

Contact Information

K-12 Mathematics

Serena O'Neill

Associate Director of Secondary Mathematics

Laura Grant

Associate Director of Elementary Mathematics and Content Integration

Arlene Crum

Secondary Mathematics Pathways Specialist

Modeling Our World with Mathematics (MOWWM) is a modularly-designed mathematics course developed locally by OSPI with input from educators across Washington, and is designed to follow completion of Algebra 1 and Geometry. It contains career-connected thematic units where students use high school mathematics within the context of everyday life and work. The content and instructional strategies support increased attainment of the common core high school content standards while developing the standards for mathematical practice.

MOWWM Materials

OER Commons

Modeling Our World with Mathematics Materials are now available on OER Commons. No registration is necessary to access the materials.


The complete Modeling Our World with Mathematics Course is available on Canvas. This version of the course includes voluntary participation in a virtual PLC and asynchronous professional learning modules. By joining the Canvas course, educators have access to additional assessment materials developed to align with the modules. To join the Canvas MOWWM PLC, email Arlene Crum and approve the membership agreements that are sent to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Modeling Our World with Mathematics for?

Students who take MOWWM should be juniors or seniors who have taken Algebra I and Geometry, perhaps with limited success, but have earned two credits of math. They should have taken the SBA but no minimum score is required. The lessons in MOWWM were developed to support students who traditionally struggle in mathematics. MOWWM can fulfill the 3rd credit of math requirement.

Why should my school or district choose Modeling Our World with Mathematics?

For students who intend to go on to post-high school learning that requires mathematics (some trade schools or military fields, two- or four-year colleges) MOWWM is recommended as a supportive transition to support their High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP). The mathematics that students complete in MOWWM will strengthen their skill base to make additional study of mathematics more attainable. Therefore, juniors who take MOWWM may find greater success in future courses (such as Algebra 2) than would have been expected if they had gone straight from Algebra I and Geometry.

Students’ success in Modeling Our World with Mathematics may encourage students to enroll in a 4th credit of math, increasing their mathematics facility and expanding their career pathways.

Does Modeling Our World with Mathematics complete a Graduation Pathway?

MOWWM does not complete a Graduation Pathway, but mathematics skills, problem-solving strategies and growth mindset developed in the course will support student success in the Graduation Pathway of their choice. Following successful completion of MOWWM, students will be better prepared to take additional quantitative courses such as Algebra II, Technical CTE courses, and additional STEM courses.

Additionally, students who complete MOWWM are encouraged to re-take the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA). Their experiences in the course are likely to result in an improved mathematics score and may result in reaching proficiency that fulfills the Graduation Pathway expectation.

What is the State Course Code for Modeling Our World with Mathematics?

The State Course Code is WA0009.