Preschool Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) - Indicator 6

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Early Childhood LRE refers to the Least Restrictive Environment where children receive their special education services. Additional information for families about Least Restrictive Environment can be found on the Families webpage.

Preschool Inclusion Champions Project

The Preschool Inclusion Champions Project was launched in the winter of 2019. Currently 9 Education Service District (ESD) Agencies and 34 school districts across the state are engaged in the development of schoolwide cross-sector teaming. School districts with the support of their regional leaders, have been asked to assess their current inclusionary practices in early childhood programs. Project activities include identification and implementation of applied research strategies that address specific inclusionary policy, procedure, and/or practice challenges, and reflections on potential opportunities to implement relevant early learning recommendations and braid funding as described in the Washington State Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Plan. The Pre-K Inclusion Champions Pilot Program is an opportunity to leverage the impact that regional leaders, district, and community-based champions are already having on promoting inclusionary placement options for preschoolers with disabilities and to deepen their collective experience in using research to resolve prominent and relevant inclusionary policy and practice challenges.

National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI) Intensive Technical Assistance Grant

This grant was awarded to Washington state to support children, aged 3-5, in preschool settings with IEPs. Washington State’s vision is to successfully recruit, engage, and support a statewide network of program coaches to provide culturally-responsive, practice-based coaching with fidelity, through collaborative partnerships with practitioners. This vision is aligned with the commitment to increase opportunities for all children to receive high-quality, early learning services in inclusive environments.

NCPMI has supported the collaborative agencies in creating a system and a model of sustainable professional development around the Pyramid Model to support implementation in classroom, program, and systems level. Currently there are 10 classrooms under the guidance of three educational agencies within Spokane County.

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