Screening Tools and Best Practices

The Dyslexia Advisory Council with the full support of Superintendent Chris Reykdal are recommending the following literacy screening tools and best practices to implement RCW 28A.320.260 in school year 2021-22. School districts who begin using the literacy screening tools in the 2020-21 school year will be considered early adopters.

The following resources are currently being updated to better align with the needs of districts and families.

For Schools & Districts

Dyslexia Advisory Council's Best Practices Recommendations

For Families & Caregivers

Early Dyslexia Implementation Guide

The Implementation Guide for Early Screening of Dyslexia has been created by the Dyslexia Advisory Council (DAC) to support Washington school districts in implementing the Early Screening of Dyslexia statute expectations, starting in fall 2021. The guidance provided by the DAC encompasses evidence-based resources and best practices that can be used alongside the diversity of curriculum and assessment systems used by Washington school districts.

Translated Implementation Guides for Early Screening of Dyslexia: