Legislative Priorities

2022 End of Session Overview

Review the 2022 End of Session Overview for a list of bills, bill summaries, and funding!

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OSPI is working to finalize 2024 legislative priorities. 2024 budget requests are posted on the Legislative Budget Requests page, and policy priorities will be finalized in the Fall. All budget and policy priorities align with the agency's strategic goals.

Legislative Budget Requests

Review current and past Operating and Capital budgets.

Proviso Reports

Each year, OSPI puts together reports of how funding provided by the Legislature, through budget provisos, was distributed.

Washington State Innovates

Washington State Innovates: K-12 Education for the 21st Century and Beyond is a series of budget and policy proposals, unveiled by State Superintendent Chris Reykdal in July–November 2022, to transform Washington's K–12 education system.