School Social Worker Reissue and Renewal

This page contains reissue and renewal information for Educational Staff Associates (ESAs) who hold Initial, Residency, Continuing, Or Professional School Social Worker certificates.

If you are looking for information on how to move to a second-tier certificate, please see the Initial Upgrading to Professional webpage.

Reissue Requirements

This is the certificate an ESA should apply for if they hold a Residency ESA Certificate with no expiration and complete two years of service in the role while on their Residency ESA First Issue Certificate.

  • Must complete two years IN THE ROLE specific to their certificate in Washington
  • Submission of fingerprints for a background check is required if a valid certificate is not already on record

Note: Serving in the role for any time within a single school year counts as a full year of service for reissuance purposes. Once reissued with an expiration date, the ESA certificate is valid for five years from when the certificate holder completed two years in the role. This is calculated to the next June 30 date, regardless of when the reissuance application is submitted.

Renewal Requirements

The Educational Staff Associate (ESA) may apply for renewal of their Initial, Residency, Continuing, or Professional ESA School Social Worker Certificate. The renewed certificate shall be valid for five years. See the requirements below:

  • Must complete 100 clock hours or equivalent college credits or Professional Growth Plans (PGPs) or a combination of any of the three options during a five-year period*
  • Must attest to the completion of a suicide prevention training approved by the PESB in the state of Washington within the five years previous to application (Form 4020S
  • Must attest to completion of course work on issues of abuse and emotional or behavioral distress in students (WAC 181-79A-200)
  • Submission of fingerprints for a background check is required if a valid certificate is not on record

*Five-Year Period: If the individual holds a certificate with a validity period of five years or more, the clock hours or equivalents for certificate renewal must be completed after the issuance of the most recent certificate. If the individual holds a certificate with a validity period less than five years, or the certificate is expired, clock hours or equivalents for certificate renewal must be completed within five years prior to the certificate renewal application date.

Applications for certificate renewal may not be submitted more than five years prior to the current certificate expiration date.

Renewal of an Expired Certificate: Educators applying to renew an expired ESA Certificate must submit documentation of completed clock hours or equivalents to the Certification Department for review with their application.

National Certification Note: Educators who hold a valid National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certificate, Certificate of Clinical Competence issued by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, or Nationally Certified School Psychologist credential issued by the National Association of School Psychologists may submit that certificate in lieu of the 100 clock hours (or equivalent) to renew their Washington educator or ESA certificate.

License Hours Note: Certain ESA roles are allowed to count any Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) that they completed to satisfy the requirements for their state professional health license to also fulfill the continuing education requirement (clock hour equivalents) for their certification renewal (Form 4098V). Please see ESA Clock Hour Information for details.

Clock hour equivalents are allowed as follows: 1 quarter credit = 10 clock hours; 1 semester credit= 15 clock hours; 1 PGP as of 7/1/2018= 25 clock hours.

Clock Hour Resources:

Please note requirements are subject to change.


If you have all necessary documentation to apply for this certificate, login to: E-Certification

*IMPORTANT: Please note that application fees are NOT refundable. Ensure that you select and submit the correct application. If you have questions regarding your application, please contact our office.