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Online learning is instruction that takes place primarily through the computer. Each school district has their own online learning policy and practice. The district policy will dictate if and how they provide online learning opportunities.

For Students & Families

If you are, or have, a student interested in online learning, please see our below resources. They include our FAQs, the Course Catalog, and the Approved Online School Programs list.

For Schools & Districts

Below are resources for schools & districts interested in online learning, including our FAQs, the Online Learning Guide, and the approval application.

For Applicants

An Online School Program Approval may be necessary if you have at least one student whose schedule is mostly made up of online courses. There are three types of approvals: Single District, Affiliate, and Multi-District. An Online Course Provider Approval is necessary if you are looking to sell online courses in Washington state.

Please review the resources for more information on the approval process and online learning in Washington.