Annual State Technology Survey

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The State Technology Survey is conducted to get current data on the state of tech integration across Washington’s public schools. Available through the state’s longitudinal data system, this important dataset supports educational technology programming at the school, district, and state levels.

2022 Survey Feedback

Recognizing that the pandemic is continuing to substantially impact K-12 technology departments with major shifts in teaching and learning, we are taking a pause this year to evaluate the data being collected through the survey. During the next year, our goal is to gather input and develop new questions that are more reflective of the current environment. Additionally, we want to explore how we utilize the data to inform, support, and advocate for K-12 needs.

We plan on launching the new annual Technology Survey in January 2023!

Please fill out the Technology Survey Feedback form to provide your opinion on the type of data we should consider.

  • Districts with only one building (as well as charter and tribal schools) can answer all questions in a single “district-level” survey
  • Districts with multiple buildings have the option to upload ALL of their school-level data at one time using a template spreadsheet, instead of completing one survey per school building. This can be uploaded to ANY of the buildings in their district.

2020-2021 Tech Survey


One authorized district person should complete the District-Level Survey Response form.

If you would prefer to upload all of your school-level data at one time (instead of completing one survey per school building), download the spreadsheet template and instructions below. Then remove all districts except your own, add any buildings that are not listed (and delete any that are not physical buildings), enter the data for each building, then upload the completed spreadsheet to ANY one of your building surveys. The first 5 rows for "Sample School District" are included to provide you with a model for how data entry should be done for your building data.

One authorized person should complete each Building-Level Survey Response form or upload the data for all buildings.

Survey Snapshot

All 295 districts responded to our 2020-21 annual technology survey.

Internet Connectivity

  • Virtually all classrooms are networked with Internet connectivity.

Broadband Access

  • 99.7% of Washington school buildings have at least a 10 Mbps connection to the Internet, and 98.7% have at least a 100 Mbps connection.

Wireless Internet Access

  • 99.7% of Washington school buildings provide some degree of wireless access to the Internet. Of those buildings, over 97% provide access throughout the entire building.

Instructional Devices

  • A total of 1,194,396 instructional devices are in use (an increase of over 620,000 devices since 2014-15!)
  • 48.9% of instructional devices run ChromeOS (Chromebooks), 40.3% run Windows OS (primarily Windows 10), 7.6% run iOS (iPads), and 2.6% run Macintosh OS

Email Access

  • Nearly all K-12 certificated staff have email accounts provided by the school district.
  • 74% of students have a school-provided email account.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

  • 276 districts (93.8%) allow students or staff to connect personal devices to their district network, although 61 of those districts limit this to staff access only.

2019-2020 Tech Survey