Military-Affiliated Educator Certification Applicants

Military Liaison Contact

Britiney Kennedy

Anyone who identifies as military-affiliated personnel with receive expedited review of their application and once minimum requirements are verified, expedited issuance of an appropriate permit or certificate (Chapter 18.340 RCW–Military Spouses-Professional Licensing).

Out-Of-State Military Affiliation Requirements

Military-affiliated personnel and their spouses may apply for a Residency, Initial, or Professional certificate issued by OSPI under WAC 181-79A-257(3) by meeting the requirements below: 

  • A copy of an out-of-state teacher, administrator, or educational staff associate certificate equivalent to Washington’s regular, full certificate for the role. 
  • Submission of fingerprints for a background check is required if a valid certificate is not already on record. 
Other Routes to Meet Certification Requirements

Teacher Certification 

Administrator Certification 

Educational Staff Associate  

Please Note: Application fees are NOT refundable. Ensure that you select and submit the correct application. If you have questions regarding your application, please contact our office.