Daniel J. Evans Civic Education Award for Students

Contact Information

Social Studies

Hannah Tofte
Program Supervisor for Civic Engagement 

Named after former Washington State Governor Daniel J. Evans, this award recognizes four students, two from Western Washington and two from Eastern Washington, for their civic leadership and academic achievement in social studies.

Who is eligible for the Evans Award?

Any student in grades 3–12 who:

  • has successfully completed an OSPI-Developed Assessment in civics, a district-supported Classroom Based Assessment, civic-related National History Day project or other project-based learning, or a civic-related inquiry project, and
  • demonstrates civic leadership in their classroom, school and/or community.

How are students nominated for the Evans Award?

Teachers, principals, counselors or other school personnel may nominate students online. The deadline to nominate is June 30, 2024.

How are the winners selected?

Winners are selected by a statewide committee of social studies leaders. Two students from each side of the state receive recognition.

How are the winners recognized?

Awards are presented to the students in their home districts, often at a school board meeting or community event.